The All-in-One Guide to Maturing Your MSSP

By | Managed Services News

Apr 14

Cybercriminals are relentless, professional and organized, and will stop at nothing to attack organizations. Meanwhile, many of their targets are becoming more attractive by the day as organizations embrace digital transformation through mobile, IoT and cloud adoption, all leading to greater risk exposure, blind spots and potential security incidents like sensitive data loss.

One result of this perfect storm, managed security services providers (MSSPs) are being greeted with more opportunity than ever to grow their business. In addition, more and more managed service providers (MSPs) are transitioning to MSSPs in hope of capitalizing on the rising demand for cybersecurity solutions worldwide.

This whitepaper examines MSSPs, reasons why MSPs are becoming MSSPs and challenges they face. It also provides actionable insights and recommendations to help MSSPs differentiate themselves from rivals and ensure they are incorporating the right security solutions into their portfolios. IT closes with a discussion of security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR), describing how this red-hot technology helps MSSP security operations teams better deliver efficiency and effectiveness to multiple customer environments.

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