Cisco Program Offers Funds to Support Businesses

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Apr 14

The Business Resiliency Program includes $2.5 billion for customers and partners.

Cisco today announced a new Business Resiliency Program that offers funds to support businesses facing financial challenges resulting from the pandemic. Offered through Cisco Capital, the program includes $2.5 billion for customers and partners.

The Business Resiliency Program includes an upfront 90-day payment holiday and allows customers to defer 95% of the cost of a new product or solution until 2021. After that time, customer monthly payments are based on the total financed amount for the remaining contract terms.

Cisco's Chuck Robbins

Cisco’s Chuck Robbins

“Cisco’s customers and partners are under enormous pressure to keep their businesses connected while remaining productive and secure,” said Chuck Robbins, chairman and CEO of Cisco. “Whether it’s technology, financing or helping those most in need, Cisco is committed to working together to fight this pandemic on every front.”

The new payment program offers funds to support businesses and is designed to promote business continuity. It will also help customers invest for recovery. It will also help customers protect their businesses with cash preservation and minimized cash outlay.

All Cisco solutions including hardware, software and services are eligible for the Cisco Capital funds. Also included is up to 5% of partner services, such as installation. Financing is available for 36 -, 48- and 60-month deals. Orders must be placed by July 25,2020. Eligibility is subject to credit approval.

“Cisco Capital’s goal is to make it easier for customers and partners to acquire the technology they need to keep their businesses running and productive. Their success is our priority,” said Kristine A. Snow, senior vice president and president at Cisco Capital. “The new Business Resiliency Program is designed with this in mind. It will help address some of our customer’s most pressing concerns.”

The Cisco Refresh program also targets customers and partners. It offers Cisco-certified remanufactured equipment at a reduced cost. Products purchased through Cisco Refresh are eligible for the Business Resiliency Program. Cisco Refresh offers a wide range of products, plus discounts and promotions.

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