Channel Futures MSP 501 2019 MSSP Report

By | Managed Services News

Dec 31

The total addressable managed security market is expected to exceed $58 billion by 2024 as the scope of cybercriminals reaches beyond the enterprise and large-midmarket businesses to include the smallest mom-and-pop shops.

The demand for cybersecurity talent is mounting but is being met with a severe shortage of folks who fit the bill, at least those on the right side of cybercrime. The estimated shortage of cybersecurity white hats rests just under 3 million, and they don’t come cheap. While every company, no matter how cash-strapped, needs a solid line of cyberdefense, in-house cybersecurity talent is so expensive and complicated as to be simply out of reach of a lot of businesses.

Enter the MSSP.

It’s no surprise that a growing number of MSPs are trying to “add the S” to grab their share of the exploding MSSP market, and the 501 is no different. This report explores the difference between an MSP that has a managed security offering and someone that can actually bill themselves as a managed security services provider.

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