Why Oracle Modernized Its Partner Program

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Jan 16

Oracle is removing tiers in favor of a new approach that showcases partner expertise and streamlines go-to-market strategies. Here’s why it’s a big win for partners.

In the early days of cloud, vendors touted partners based on pay-to-play models that inevitably featured tiered designations based on partner fees and revenue levels. The focus was on the vendor/partner arrangement, which by default positioned the customer as the third wheel in the relationship.

Oracle recognized the flaw in that kind of thinking—and scrapped the entire tiered model.

In its place, Oracle has launched a new program to showcase its partners’ expertise and to properly recognize and honor their achievements. The program, which went live on Dec. 1, 2019, also places customers center stage to ensure their best experience, as well as the renewal of brand and partner loyalties.

Introducing the Oracle PartnerNetwork

The Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) includes only one tier. Oracle wanted a more effective way to commemorate and promote partner achievements as they build upon their expertise and knowledge base, so the company introduced 50 badges spotlighting capabilities and achievements—a clean, easy-to-understand visualization of a partner’s evolution and status. Some badges denote skills related to business outcomes and specific Oracle products, while others signify qualifiers such as a partner’s geographic reach, relevant experience and industry alignment.

Every effort was made to grant Oracle partners full flexibility to choose the products and services in which they specialize, and to give them tools to accelerate their positioning. In addition, new partner branding is available for firms that upgrade to the program. Last but not least, Oracle wanted to clearly communicate the ROI that partners can expect for investing in the program, making the OPN transparent on all points relevant to partners and their customers.

On path with learning tracks

Once a partner has chosen how it wants to work with Oracle and where it wants to continue to build expertise, it can select from four learning tracks to accelerate its progress and earning power. The tracks are Cloud Build Track, Cloud Sell Track, Cloud Service Track and License & Hardware Track (i.e., the non-cloud software and hardware side of Oracle).

Partners can choose one or more tracks. Specific partner benefits tied to track advancements are spelled out on the track table. Some track fees can also be applied elsewhere: For example, partners can apply the fee for the OPN Cloud Service Track toward purchase of Universal Cloud Credit or a Discounted SaaS Demonstration Instance to be used only for demonstration purposes.

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