Pure Storage Enhances as-a-Service Offer, Bolsters Transparency

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Nov 24

The goal is to provide partners with more transparency and clarity as they embrace an as-a-service model.

Pure Storage on Tuesday announced enhancements to its Pure as-a-service offer. Improvements in “version 2.0” include a new service catalog, a lower barrier to entry and full stack offers via technology partners.

More specifically, Pure will offer a service catalog with multiple services and options to meet business needs. The vendor also is lowering entry points to reduce the barriers to adoption. And Pure as a service will support a full stack as a service, including storage, networking and compute in a flexible consumption model.

Pure's Josh Petty

Pure Storage’s Josh Petty

“Pure as a service 2.0 is a bit of a misnomer because services don’t necessarily change. What we’ve done is put a line in the ground where we move from delivering everything on a single rate with lots of customization to offering a proper service catalog and multiple tiers,” said Josh Petty, director of product and solution marketing for Pure as a service at Pure.

A Closer Look

Here’s more information on the enhancements.

  • A new service catalog offers improved granularity of service selections for performance and capacity. At the same time, it delivers better cost transparency by breaking pricing down into tiers. This allows customers to purchase the tier of storage needed based on the workload.

Publishing MSRPs for all services on Pure’s website benefits customers and partners, the company said.

“Using MSRPs for our channel partners gives them plenty of room to be able to service the accounts financially in the way they’re familiar with — and in some cases, adding on additional services, like going from infrastructure for VDI to delivering full desktop as a service,” said Petty.

Providing more granularity helps partners more easily identify the right tier — based on cost, performance, capability and customer need.

  • Full stack as a service is a channel program that enables partners to deliver flexible consumption-based payments for storage, compute and networking through Pure technology partners. The full stack service is built on Pure and Cisco’s FlashStack and supports existing Cisco Validated Designs.
  • A block capacity service tier provides lower commitments for the block capacity tier. This decreases the barrier to entry and enables customers to easily scale over time. Customers can now use block capacity with a minimum of 200 TiB, decreasing the minimum entry point by one third.

More for Partners

Finally, the vendor made enhancements in Pure1 subscription management. Customers can model workloads directly in Pure1, or easily add a subscription from the service catalog.

“A lot of [these announcements are] about transparency and providing more clarity to the market. It’s also about helping our partners embrace the as-a-service culture and the big market shift that’s happening now in that direction,” said Petty.

In October, Pure announced enhancements to its Pure Partner Program.

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