Office 365 Backup: Quest Software, Metallic Platforms Get Enhancements

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May 07

Quest adds features to NetVault, while Metallic adds a distribution and sales partner for its SaaS-based product.

Quest Software and Metallic are both bolstering their Office 365 backup products to help companies protect critical Office 365 data.

Quest’s latest NetVault (version 13) product gets snapshot support for NetApp arrays and a wide range of other new features. In a separate announcement, Metallic is partnering with global distributor Zones to offer Metallic’s Office 365 backup product to customers.

Quest’s NetVault v13 also gets a new Rest API interface, support for Office 365 Teams and an updated licensing model. The support for NetApp arrays expands snapshot protection from Dell Compellent and Huawei Oceanstore arrays, according to Quest. The company created the new RESTful API to help IT teams integrate, streamline, guide and improve NetVault operations and processes.

In addition, customers can now create synthetic backups from deduplicated full and incremental backups stored on Quest QoreStor. Quest says this feature gives users additional protection against malicious attacks and unintentional human error. The new server-side licensing model aims to reduce license administration and complexity.

Also new are intelligent synthetic full backups, which can reduce backup windows and resource usage. These full backups, which metadata generate, integrate with Quest QoreStor. Full and incremental backups and recovery support are also now available for Office 365 calendars.

The Easy Button

Adrian Moir is the senior product management consultant and lead technology evangelist for Quest. He told Channel Futures that easier NetVault operations accompany the enhanced features.

Quest Software's Adrian Moir

Quest Software’s Adrian Moir

“A new option to unify QoreStor Storage elements into a single ‘pool’ while intelligently managing the data streams to optimize deduplication simplifies data management and target selection without compromising on deduplicated data space savings,” said Moir. “The additional capabilities to Snapshot NetApp storage logical unit numbers (LUNs) add to the capabilities already found in NetVault.”

The revised Office 365 plug-in adds protection for Teams and Calendars, and is more scalable, said Moir.

“Office 365 data can also be collected by deployments in the cloud or on premises. And leveraging QoreStor, it can be stored anywhere the organization needs without constraints. In a world that has become more reliant on remote working technologies, the simplified recovery options for Teams make life easier for administrators to recover and businesses to continue working,” he added.

For channel partners, the improvements address customers’ expanded needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, said Moir. The RESTful API allows MSPs and others to integrate, streamline and incorporate NetVault functionality into their operational frameworks. Simplified licensing and the ability to offer the product as a subscription also empower partners and MSPs, he said.

Channel partners and customers have been asking for backup support for Teams, simpler management and greater ability to scale.

“Teams is rapidly becoming an essential business tool,” he said. “NetVault v13 provides a simple way to …

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