MSP 501 Profile Podcast: Onepath on the Blessing and Burden of AV Tools

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Feb 07

Audiovisual tools are enhancing business productivity… when they work.

Company Name: Onepath LLC
Company MSP 501 Rank: 21
Director of commercial interiors and audiovisual: Michael Lane
Headquartered: Marietta, GA
Primary Services:

  • Managed Services
  • Advanced Technologies
  • Deployed Services
  • Building Technologies

Twitter: @cabletocloud

How can MSPs help clients overcome AV problems? That is a question our featured 501er this week, Onepath, seeks to answer.

Onepath's Michael Lane

Onepath’s Michael Lane

Onepath, No. 21 on our 501 list, just released a very interesting survey on audiovisual tools, in which it found that web-based audio and video solutions and traditional AV technologies, like video monitors, projectors and recorders, are as popular as ever inside small to midsize businesses, but tech and support problems can limit their utility.

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It’s no secret that many midsize companies just don’t have sufficient resources in-house to address these kinds of issues, and on top of that, they don’t have excess money to throw at the problems either. This highlights the need for skilled and experienced channel partners.

This week, we sat down with Michael Lane, director of commercial interiors and audiovisual at Onepath, to discuss the survey findings more in-depth, and how MSPs can help clients overcome these sorts of AV problems.

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