It’s 501 Somewhere: MSSP Jason Ingalls on Security Landscape in a COVID World

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May 11

An editor and a channel expert walk into a bar and talk security over drinks.

When it comes to the managed security landscape, few MSSPs can claim the expertise that Jason Ingalls, CEO of Louisiana-based Ingalls Information Security, regularly displays on Channel Futures. In this installment of our talk show, It’s 501 Somewhere, Ingalls talks about how the security landscape has shifted amid the coronavirus and the resulting work-from-home paradigm shift.

Ingalls Infosec's Jason Ingalls

Ingalls Infosec’s Jason Ingalls

Ingalls is a fan of “the power of three.” In this virtual chat, he lays out details of what he sees as the foundation of any good security solution: availability, confidentiality and integrity. These tenets serve as the baseline for any remote work safeguards for IT companies. They, he feels, qualify as an essential business today.

As for Ingalls? Attending Mardi Gras back in March certainly brought on mixed feelings. But Louisianans are no strangers to surviving disaster.

“When you live in Louisiana,” says Ingalls, “you know how to take a hit.”

Click on the video above to see how he does it.

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