Schneider Electric Partner Recruitment

Schneider Electric is a global energy management and automation company that manufactures and markets uninterruptible power supplies, electronic peripherals and data center products.
Schneider Electric was looking to establish collaborative, commercial, and loyalty relationships with new partners, to increase and strengthen the channel/reseller network and expand their partner ecosystem.
Schneider Electric
Demand Generation
Launch Date:
January 6th, 2024


The main objective has been to be the direct channel between partners and the brand with the aim of developing loyalty and a sense of belonging with Schneider. To do this, we carried out a variety of marketing tactics that allowed us to capture the attention of new members through the benefits of the brand. Additionally, maintain the relationship, share and communicate aspects of the brand and even identify business needs and opportunities.


2 new potential partners
the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico
MarketLogic Services:
  • Creative strategy
  • Database tools
  • Email marketing
  • Demand generation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead management
  • Sales acceleration
  • Staff Augmentation

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