IBM Cloud Rocks Demand Gen

International Business Machines, IBM, is a multinational information technology corporation that provides consulting services. Their goal is to help their clients solve their business problems by increasing productivity, reducing costs, and improving overall efficiency and results.
IBM needed its partners to understand the benefits of the cloud and to be able to create innovative solutions that support its technology.
IBM  International Business Machines
Demand Generation
june 4, 2024


MarketLogic developed a creative concept around music, a multi-billion dollar industry, that has achieved globalization thanks to benefits of the cloud.

With this in mind, we created IBM Cloud Rocks, a program that conveyed in an innovating and refreshing way, the benefits of the cloud and helped to cement IBM as the best in the market.

We had the participation of a well-known musical band in the region and attractive activities that showed the full potential of IBM.


Active participation +85%

Selected partners +10

Increase positioning of IBM CLOUD

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