Wildix UCC Summit: Partners Asked to Join ‘Army’ Against ‘Vampire Vendors’

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Jan 24

Wildix says its rivals want to “take your customer base and put you out of business.”

Wildix kicked off its virtual 2022 UCC Summit by asking partners if they’re ready to ditch “vampire vendors” – many Wildix rivals – and join its “army.”

For the first time, researchers at Gartner included Wildix in their Magic Quadrant for UCaaS. Wildix was as a “niche player” in the 2021 Magic Quadrant.

Alberto Carlos Benigno is Wildix’s chief sales officer. During the Wildix UCC Summit, he said being included in the Magic Quadrant represents a massive achievement and opportunity for partners.

Wildix's Alberto Carlos Benigno

Wildix’s Alberto Carlos Benigno

“New doors are opening and you’ll have the opportunity to approach bigger customers than ever before,” he said. “Being mentioned in the Magic Quadrant will elevate your position from partners of an emerging vendor like many others to partners of the No. 1 European vendor recognized by Gartner.”

Steve Osler is Wildix‘s CEO and co-founder. He said Wildix and its partners have been “futurists” many times lately.

Wildix's Steve Osler

Wildix’s Steve Osler

“First, we adopted webRTC technology when nobody cared about it and now webRTC is the standard,” he said. “Then we focused on sales communication with WebRTC Kite, which is still our customers’ most appreciated feature. Also, we have been revolutionary by insisting on sticking 100% with you. Wildix is the only vendor in the Magic Quadrant that is 100% channel focused. Unfortunately, the fact that we are the only one is not good news.”

Being 100% channel oriented is harder than going directly to the end user, Osler said.

“We need you, our partners, to work with us in order to help you grow,” he said. “That’s why we keep pushing you to join training sessions to help you win more deals than your competitors. We must provide you with more and more new weapons, which are of the utmost importance to win against against the competitors.”

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