When Digital Transformation Equals Digital Disruption

By | Managed Services News

Jan 30

The retail industry has come a long way during the last decade in its efforts to overcome the challenges of generational and technological shifts that have been disruptive to the business. In order to stay competitive while catering to new generations of hyper-connected shoppers, Point-of-Sale (POS) technology is being pressured to constantly innovate. Online ordering, in-store beacon technology, cloud POS, omnichannel retail platforms, and digital menus and signage, are part of the evidence of those innovations taking place.

We’ve seen the advent of self check-out, RFID technology, and digital wallets, plus we’ve got accustomed to guest Wi-Fi at pretty much every retail shop. Those risks are not to be underestimated by the tech-savvy retailer. A heavily leveraged store network that is increasingly reliant on optimal network performance and uptime is a disaster waiting to happen if it is not properly secured and monitored. The impact of complacency can seriously damage short term revenue and also brand reputation (long term revenue).

Read this whitepaper and discover four key challenges facing retail in the age of digital transformation and learn how to overcome them.

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