WANdisco Debuts LiveData Migrator for Hadoop-to-AWS Migrations

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Sep 17

LiveData Migrator is the latest addition to the LiveData platform.

WANdisco LiveData Migrator is the company’s latest product for data migrations, the vendor announced Thursday. LiveData Migrator migrates Hadoop data (HDFS) from on premises to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The new offer is an automated and self-service solution for cloud data migration at any scale. Furthermore, it can be even be used while the source data sets are being used.

WANdisco's David Richards

WANdisco’s David Richards

“Enterprises that want to move their data to the cloud but are concerned about the risks of doing so, now have a powerful solution that’s self-service and extremely easy to use,” said David Richards, co-founder and CEO of WANdisco.

Migrating large data volumes with traditional approaches, such as transfer devices or DistCp (distributed copy), requires disrupting the operation of on-premises applications and doesn’t cater to data that is modified or created during migration. Reconciliation at scale is costly and cannot guarantee a completely consistent data outcome. The overhead required to achieve non-disruptive, no-downtime big data migration is significant due to repeated scans, systems out of sync and manual intervention for anticipated failures and interruptions, according to WANdisco.

LiveData Migrator migrates HDFS data to other Hadoop-compatible file systems and cloud storage. It supports all major HDFS distributions and cloud service providers including Azure, AWS, GCP, IBM and Alibaba. WANdisco is an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) and has now achieved AWS Migration Competency status with the release of LiveData Migrator.

The new LiveData Migrator capabilities include simple deployment and a self-service user experience; Hadoop and object storage; complete and continuous data migration; migration at any scale; selective migration; immediate availability; interfaces and API; and browser-based UI.

LiveData Platform

The LiveData platform incudes the new LiveData Migrator, LiveData Plane and LiveData for Multicloud, introduced in January 2019.  LiveData Plane provides active-active Hadoop data replication across multiple distributed and diverse IT environments. And, finally, LiveData for Multicloud keeps data accessible and accurate while moving to the cloud.

The new offer is available as a free trial for up to five terabytes, according to the company.

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