PagerDuty Partner Program Expanded for MSPs, Solution Partners

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May 08

PagerDuty launched a reseller program in 2018 that’s been growing ever since.

The PagerDuty Partner Program now targets system integrators (SIs), consultancies and managed service providers (MSPs).

PagerDuty says the new solution partner and MSP programs allow partners to offer reselling, professional and managed services globally. The company sells digital operations management.

Jukka Alanen is PagerDuty’s senior vice president of business development and corporate strategy. He says PagerDuty’s reseller program, which the company introduced two years ago, has been growing ever since.

PagerDuty's Jukka Alanen

PagerDuty’s Jukka Alanen

“The new solution partner and managed service partner programs expand partnering from reselling to higher-value solutions and services delivery,” he said.

The PagerDuty partner program offers support across all parts of real-time digital operations. That includes detecting and understanding issues, responding, orchestrating and automating real-time work.

It also supports continually analyzing and improving operations.

“These new programs make it easier for partners to expand business with their clients with higher-value solutions and services, and also engage with PagerDuty in a more strategic manner,” Alanen said. “PagerDuty enables partners to deliver solutions, professional services and managed services to their clients and leverage the full potential of PagerDuty’s digital operations management platform to help clients transform their operations.”

Always On

The digital always-on world requires organizations to modernize and transform their digital operations, he said.

“We saw an opportunity to partner with SIs, consultancies and MSPs to help organizations transform their operations,” Alanen said. “SIs and MSPs bring valuable expertise, resources and in-depth understanding of their clients’ needs. And they can help accelerate and scale operational transformation.”

The program’s partners bring a mix of solution, industry vertical and geographic expertise. They serve complex needs across DevOps, ITOps, CloudOps, AIOps, customer service, security operations and industrial ops.

“We’ve chosen to leverage PagerDuty with our clients because it offers a tremendous degree of flexibility, efficiency and simplicity at a time when it’s needed most to protect business continuity, reduce costs and proactively mitigate risks in these uncertain economic times,” said Kevin Mead, Kinect Consulting‘s vice president of business development.

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