MSP 501 Profile Podcast: Parasol Alliance, a Unique MSP Business Model

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May 08

CEO Amber Redmann speaks to the unique approach to her MSP model, and how it has helped weather the COVID-19 storm.

The 501 Files: The MSP 501 Profile Podcast — Parasol Alliance’s Amber Redman discusses her company’s unique MSP business model.

Company Name: Parasol Alliance
Company MSP 501 Rank: 468
CEO: Amber Redmann
Headquarters: Milwaukee, WI

Primary Services:

  • Consulting
  • IT
  • Strategy
  • Managed Services
  • Senior Living Industry

Twitter: @ParasolAlliance

Amber Redmann, CEO of Parasol Alliance (No. 468 on the 2019 MSP 501), has a very unique approach to her MSP business model.

Parasol Alliance's Amber Redmann

Parasol Alliance’s Amber Redmann

The company was born from a severe lack of IT services dedicated to the senior-living industry. Recognizing this gaping hole, Redmann decided to go where few have dared to.

Redmann got her start in the assisted living/retirement community industry more than 10 years ago. Working her way up from the help desk to managing business systems, Redmann learned the ins and outs of the senior-living industry, implementing vital systems, processes and strategies — and building teams.

Redmann had worked in senior living for nine years. She began to realize that there was a huge unmet need for IT services specific to that industry.

“Because we work solely in the senior living industry, we have developed a business model that is very focused on meeting the needs of that specific vertical,” said Redmann. “This unique approach and model has helped us weather this COVID-19 landscape.”

Read on to find out more about Parasol Alliance, and the MSP business model that has, in many ways, transformed the sector.

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