MSP 501 Profile: Dresner Group Differentiates with Proactive IT Maintenance

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Nov 25

Being out of sight means being out of mind — and out of consideration, says their CEO.

Company Name: Dresner Group
Company Hot 101 Rank: 50
CEO & Managing Partner: Michael Deskin
Headquartered: Columbia, Maryland
Primary Services:

  • On-Site Support Services
  • Remote Help Desk
  • Cloud-Hosted Solutions
  • IT Security Services
  • IT Consulting

Twitter:  @dresnergroup

Dresner Group keeps its business systems running smoothly with proactive IT maintenance. It’s a service they promote to other small businesses as well. The company sets itself apart from competitors with “the Dresner Group Difference: proactive maintenance to prevent downtime.”

You could describe Dresner’s approach as a symbiosis of success.

“As our clients grow, our business grows with them,” says its website. “It is in our company’s best interest to provide the best service possible.”

Dresner Group's Michael Deskin

Dresner Group’s Michael Deskin

When it comes to maintaining long-term client relationships, Dresner Group knows that top-notch service is just one part of the equation. Ongoing contact and communications with clients are just as important says Michael Deskin, the company’s CEO and a managing partner.

“You must work to keep your company top-of-mind with your clients when they think of IT services,” he said. “Out of sight is out of mind. And in business, out of mind means out of consideration.”

Channel Futures: What is one thing you wish vendors would do that they don’t?

Michael Deskin: It would be great if vendors would offer some additional marketing assistance. While improved marketing materials would be a welcome addition, it would be mutually beneficial to both vendors and MSPs if some other support were also provided. I’m sure that many MSPs would welcome some help with their lead generation and customer acquisition processes.

After all, it just makes sense — the more business that an organization can generate, the greater the need for the vendor’s services will be. It’s a win-win.

While it isn’t that vendors don’t provide any marketing support, the materials they do supply are often too technical for the end user or decision-maker who really needs to receive the message. We’ve often found that our clients are less concerned about the specifications and are much more interested in the end result to their operations. How much faster, easier, etc. will the product or service make their workday? It’s great that the technical advantages are outlined for those who are more technically minded, like the people on our team that need to manage these solutions. But it just doesn’t translate easily for the client.

So, if there was one change I could make, I would have vendors produce materials that are written in the client’s language, in addition to the ones our technicians can understand.

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