Meet the Modern Cableco

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Sep 23

Cable companies are valuing the channel more than ever as they chase the enterprise segment.

The channel has long associated multi-system operators (MSOs) with SMB coax services, but that reputation is changing. The cablecos are stepping up their game with broader technology offerings in an effort to move up-market. It’s no longer just broadband, video and voice, as SD-WAN, fiber and UCaaS are helping secure new revenue streams. These large companies are also working to improve the partner experience through automation and enhanced support. Analysts agree that indirect sales agents will play a key role in helping the cablecos scale.

Read the report to learn about:

  • How automation is changing the cable sales process for partners
  • The challenge of bandwidth price compression for cablecos and their partners
  • What consolidation means for the MSO market
  • The unique value partners bring to cablecos in attracting the enterprise
  • How the MSOs’ technology stack is evolving

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