It’s 501 Somewhere: Janet Schijns on Transformational Leadership

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Jan 18

Schijns talks about what it takes to be a true leader, transformational technology, and her three steps for success.

Janet Schijns is CEO and co-founder of JS Group, a go-to-market consultancy dedicated to achieving results. She is a visionary and no-nonsense leader who through innovation and action-oriented plans drives tangible results.

JS Group's Janet Schijns

JS Group’s Janet Schijns

A seasoned presenter, she captivates audiences with her simple yet powerful approach to the complicated world of the business of technology. In both businesses and careers, rapid growth is Janet’s mantra. She says her clients regularly increase revenue by more than 40%. They also achieve unparalleled share growth in the markets they cover.

Janet Schijns was just named one of ‘The 10 Most Impactful Women in Technology 2020‘ by Analytics Insight. We sat down with her to discuss how she defines true leadership, how she has risen to her level in a male-dominated industry, what advice she has for other up-and-comers, and the best thing about running her own consultancy. And everything in between.

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