IT By Design Extends Support for Key MSP Vendors Datto and Kaseya

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May 04

The MSP has expanded its tool-agnostic approach by adding Datto and Kaseya expertise to its engineering services.

IT By Design (ITBD)’s remote engineering services now provide full support for the entire portfolio of solutions available through MSP vendors Datto and Kaseya. This goes for its outsourced NOC, RMM virtual admin and professional services as well.

ITBD, one of our 2019 501ers, provides expert MSP-trained talent services built for MSPs, by an MSP. ITBD’s offer steps in when an MSP requires a dedicated, MSP-Way trained engineer to augment their technical team, or simply wants to outsource its NOC or help desk services. Each MSP practice needs the flexibility of choice, so ITBD crafted its NOC support to be vendor agnostic. It’s also evolving its partnerships – such as those with Kaseya and Datto – as the industry continues to shift and grow in terms of valuable vendor offers.

Why is this MSP vendor partnership significant?

IT by Design's Sunny Kaila

IT by Design’s Sunny Kaila

“ITBD has been working with the tools from both Datto and Kaseya portfolios as part of the extensive training we provide to our dedicated remote engineering staff. That is, those engineers who work within our MSP customers’ environments as a remote part of their team,” said Sunny Kaila, CEO, ITBD. “Our engineering talent is prepared to work with whatever MSP tools our customers prefer.”

What’s new is that ITBD has expanded its knowledge base and deepened its partnership with both vendors. This also is to support the Datto RMM tool and Kaseya’s VSA RMM through their around-the-clock, outsourced NOC and help desk services and as part of their RMM virtual administrator offer. The latter enables best practices and optimization of the Datto RMM and Kaseya VSA services for best capacity and performance within an MSP’s environment. 

“The bottom line is that we want to ensure our talent can work inside an MSPs preferred tool set, ticketing on their service boards and generally offering a seamless experience,” said Kaila. “We are working to expand our vendor ecosystem even further.”

ITBD’s goal is to ensure it is building partnerships with key MSP vendors to work in the tools their MSP partners select.

“We understand that MSPs need the freedom to make that decision depending on their unique business needs,” said Kaila. “So, it’s incumbent on ITBD to support that freedom of choice by being agile and ready to build out services as those tool choices evolve with the quick-moving MSP industry.”  

How does this relate to the industry?

ITBD provides the technical talent that MSPs need to scale their business. To help their partners grow by getting the talent they need in place – whether a dedicated remote engineer or around-the-clock NOC support – it’s imperative that their talent can work in and on leading tools so they can provide value immediately. 

“We also know that MSPs choose their tool stack to fulfill particular needs within their businesses. This means that we must be prepared to support those choices,” added Kaila. “We want to help our MSP partners deliver more value and better service downstream, and to be able to focus their high-cost engineering talent on strategic, profitable projects.”

So why is it significant that ITBD’s remote engineering solutions fully support all Datto and Kaseya solutions? Not to mention its …

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