Editor’s Review: Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Is a Great Choice for Business Users

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Dec 24

Great battery life and a wide mix of features including a stylus for writing on the display make it a top handset.

In early 2016, HP unveiled its then-innovative smartphone, the HP Elite X3, which the company touted as essentially a computer in your hand that could be connected to a Windows PC and used as a true business work environment.

I was so excited about the possibilities of the smartphone that I gushed about it for eWEEK. “The HP Elite x3 could be the smartphone of my dreams because it could actually, possibly, potentially be the first handset I can buy to serve as not only a phone but as a PC, enabling me to do my work anywhere,” I wrote.

Not long after, I was disappointed when the Elite XP3, which was a Windows phone, lost support when Microsoft dropped its Windows phone initiative. I was back to square one after using a series of perfectly competent phones, mostly from Samsung. The phones were fine, but none allowed you to do your work in sync with your laptop or desktop PC.

Then earlier this year I saw Samsung’s latest stylus-equipped Galaxy Note10+ phone and its two sisters, the smaller 6.3-inch standard Note10 and the 6.8-inch Note10+ 5G, and I got those desktop-in-your-hand dreams all over again. The Galaxy Note10 family is impressive.

I’ve been using a Samsung Note10+ handset for the last several months and have found it to be a capable phone and business tool in most ways, though it does have some shortcomings as well.

The Positives

From the start of my review, I absolutely loved the large, bright 6.8-inch quad HD Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O display (3040 x 1440 resolution, 498ppi) and its edge-to-edge screen layout. It is clear, distinctive and works well in all kinds of lighting situations.

I also love one of the Note family’s greatest features since it was launched in 2011 – the built-in removable S-Pen stylus which lets users “write” on the display and capture their work for use in documents, emails and more. Today’s S-Pen stylus has gained even more features and capabilities, including easier ways to use it to capture and create unique content. The flexibility and creativity it offers to users is game-changing, especially when you realize that it’s not just a fad. but is a real business tool you can carry with you all the time. I at first thought it was just for show, but its true value became more evident as I used it to make notes and then sent them to myself via email. It was that computer-in-your-hand idea again.

The Note10+ has superfast charging and the longest battery life of any smartphone I have used since the genre began officially in 2007 with the first Apple iPhone. I can use the phone all day and still have 60% of its battery life remaining by late evening, or I can use it more heavily for things like GPS and Google Maps and still have 20% life left without recharging during the day. With its 4,300mAh battery, that is…

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