Datadobi Adds All-in-One Packages for Data Migration

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Jan 28

Available in three sizes, the starter packs include software, installation services, initial migration and more.

Unstructured data migration vendor Datadobi now offers complete packages for migrating business data that combine its DobiMigrate software, installation, initial migration and follow-up support services to help make it easier for businesses of all sizes to move their data where it is needed.

The NAS migration capabilities now are available in “starter packs” that include all the needed ingredients for a successful, easier and secure data migration project between any NAS platform, regardless of size or complexity, according to the company. The DobiMigrate Starter Packs are available in three sizes — the SMB package for up to 50TB of data, the commercial package for up to 200TB of data, and the enterprise package for up to 500TB of data.

Datadobi's Michael Jack

Datadobi’s Michael Jack

“In a nutshell, our product is built from the ground up to handle the complexity and size of today’s enterprise migration challenges,” Michael Jack, Datadobi’s co-founder and vice president of global sales, told Channel Futures. “The primary use case is when a company wants to change its NAS storage type. This is typically across vendors but can also be between different storage platforms of the same vendor.”

Using the starter packs, a customer can install the software and perform the migrations using a core that is the orchestrator of the migration and related proxies which perform the actual copying of the data and metadata, said Jack.

“A cross-platform or cross-vendor migration is the most complex kind of NAS migration because of the different ways that each vendor interprets the different NAS protocols and because of the thousands of different ways that customers can configure their NAS,” he said. “This complexity increases exponentially as the amount of data and number of files increases.”

For partners, the new migration starter kits give their customers a great experience when they sell them storage, Jack said.

“It’s easy to use, it’s easy to attach and it increases their margins on a storage sale. Before Datadobi data migration, they could offer migration services but it was with outdated tools or they would be forced to leave the customer to handle the migration themselves with often very unpredictable results,” he added.

Datadobi was founded in 2010 but is relatively new to the channel.

“We have primarily focused on doing business with and through the storage vendors and we’ve only been working the channel for about two-and-a-half years,” said Jack.

So far the company has been doing business with about 110 global channel partners, including about a dozen ISVs, six systems integrators and a wide assortment of VARs and major storage vendors. The starter packs were created based on requests from many of those partners. The packs allow users to migrate their data between NAS storage, the cloud and a wide range of other storage systems.

“It was the channel that asked us to create this because, although we’ve been selling through the channel for the last couple of years, they asked for something that is packaged better and more conducive to an onward sell,” said Jack. “The different sizes of the starter packs allow customers to have …

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