ConnectWise Launches Cybersecurity Training Program for TSPs

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Apr 08

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, this intensive, customized training enables TSPs to become the go-to security experts.

ConnectWise just launched Certify, a cybersecurity training and education program for technology solution providers (TSPs).

We can thank COVID-19 for the “new normals” in our daily lives, including working from home for a lot of us. This of course raises a whole slew of technical and logistical concerns, but one of the biggest is security.

ConnectWise Certify is a dual track certification program targeting TSP owners, sales professionals and engineers. There is no cost to attendees. The idea is to ensure these two functions are aligned on cybersecurity knowledge. These groups can also share their experience and expertise to maximize security capabilities for SMB clients.

ConnectWise's Joy Beland

ConnectWise’s Joy Beland

“Organically, the Certify Fundamentals courses have served to fortify an MSP’s understanding of managing risk and business impact,” said Joy Beland, senior cybersecurity education director, ConnectWise. “That includes work from home, as opposed to cybersecurity being just a tools problem. In the recent delivery of this course, we were able to tout the timeliness and applicability of these segments. Our incorporation of the NIST Cyber Security Framework and the CIS Controls, for example, draws attention to IoT, remote worker policy, remote endpoint management and cyber culture that must extend beyond the office walls.”

During this COVID-19 crisis, the topics of risk and business impact are at the fore. More and more companies are seeking ways to help partners. Cybersecurity training must be chief among them, now more than ever.

“The biggest issue we hear is the lack of resources to get the end clients what they need,” said Beland. “Our delivery of customized playbooks that include checklists, policies, webinars and training materials takes a huge load off the MSP’s plate. When you compliment that with the implementation checklists and best cybersecurity practices, you’re augmenting resources exponentially. In the end, that means improved security and lower risk for everyone.”

Charting the ‘Course’

An IT certification company helped guide the course curriculum and develop the exams. The teachers are Beland; Jay Ryerse, CISSP, vice president, cybersecurity initiatives; and Drew Sanford, director of technical sales. Each owned their own TSP prior to joining ConnectWise and have long been providing IT and security solutions to SMBs. 

To date, more than 500 TSP owners, sales professionals and engineers have completed the training and attained their certification. 

“Consistent controls, policies and standards are crucial during this time of implementing multiple solutions quickly,” urged Beland. “Having the engineers understand ‘what good looks like’ for remote workers is essential. Having the ability speak to the same controls and solutions that sales and management teams do with the end client helps pave the way for SMBs. It creates an action plan to shore up their vulnerabilities now that everyone has moved to remote work.”

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