Channel Futures MSP 501 Talkin’ Cloud 100 2019 Report

By | Managed Services News

Feb 04

Developments in the technology industry tend to move and shift at an almost- maddening pace, and the cloud computing sector is certainly no exception. More and more companies are shifting to the cloud – in fact, it’s almost impossible to find an organization that doesn’t rely on cloud services.

Synergy Research Group’s recent detailed analysis of enterprise IT spending over the last decade states that annual spending on cloud infrastructure services grew from “virtually zero” to almost $100 billion. Further, the IDC says that worldwide public cloud services spending will more than double by 2023.

The cloud services market has changed drastically and looks quite different than it did eight years ago when we first launched the Talkin’ Cloud 100 list. As we launch into 2020, several overarching cloud computing trends have begun to emerge that will characterize and shape the market over the next year and beyond.

In this report, we highlight those trends and several key findings from our most recent and final Talkin’ Cloud 100 survey of 154 cloud service providers.

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