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Mar 02

Netrality Data Centers Unveils Expanded Partner Program

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Data centers are an integral component of a hybrid architecture.

Netrality Data Centers has expanded its channel partner and strategic alliances program to meet growing demand for its solutions.

The Netrality Partner Program allows partners to leverage the company’s community of providers to enhance and broaden their service offerings. The expansion correlates with growing enterprise demand for greater data center footprints and hybrid-multicloud solutions.

Agents can sell colocation and connectivity services through Netrality Data Centers’ master agents. The company provides agents, resellers and brokers’ end users with a community of network carriers, cloud providers, CDNs, MSPs and IXs to meet any IT and network requirements.

Partners can provide custom IT, office and retail solutions for their clients, including test lab space for 5G innovation.

Data Center Services in High Demand

Craig Waldrop is Netrality Data Centers’ vice president of channel and strategic alliances.

Netrality's Craig Waldrop

Netrality’s Craig Waldrop

Netrality’s partner program expansion was driven by our partners’ requests for enhanced service offerings and our leadership’s vision to leverage a high-quality partner community for joint business growth,” he said. “More generally, there is a broad base of demand for data center services in the market, especially in the emerging edge markets Netrality serves. The partner community not only has the pulse of enterprise sentiment, but can be a tremendous growth engine for us.”

The program features aligned go-to-market initiatives, joint commercial offerings and new selling motions. Those include white-labeling, resale and referrals depending on tier level.

Through its partner portal, Netrality provides onboarding, training and support. Participants can use the portal to access co-branded marketing materials, local sales support, lead registration, virtual tours and more.

“As the owner and operator of the most highly interconnected buildings in our markets, the program expansion gives both Netrality and our partners a mutual advantage,” Waldrop said. “It brings together Netrality’s foundational value proposition, our partners’ reach, their relationship and an empowering tool set.”

The Importance of Data Centers

Data centers are an integral component of a hybrid architecture in today’s IT landscape, Waldrop said.

“Together with our partners, we are well-positioned to capture the growing demand for our services,” Waldrop said. “We aim to arm our partners with the right information at the right time, collaboratively engaging with them to create additional competitive advantage beyond the intrinsic advantages our facilities bring.”

Netrality owns and operates all of its colocation data centers. That allows it to provide wholesale data center and office space. It can also meet any retail office’s requirements, including colocation, wholesale, building, office or roof rights. These spaces are also outfitted with in-building 5G connectivity, making them ideal for 5G test-bed innovation labs.

“Netrality’s partners can accelerate response time to customer needs as it relates to getting the connectivity and data center solutions they need to optimize remote work,” Waldrop said. “The remote work environment has proven connectivity is critical. Netrality’s facilities offer an array of connectivity choices to enable higher quality application performance for remote operations.”

Jack Zoblin is president of Cory Communications, an Avant subagent.

“Netrality is an incredible partner,” he said. “We sincerely appreciate the continual white-glove treatment and exceptional support our customers receive. In addition to service, Netrality offers competitive payouts and attractive incentives that encourage and drive our mutually beneficial partnership.”

Mar 02

Small and Mid-Size Business Security: 4 Steps to Success

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SMBs are attractive targets for hackers, and in the modern age, weak security can put a stop to both of those things. Not to fear though as SMBs, even with limited budgets and manpower, can significantly reduce their risk by using the right technologies that were designed to work together and offer strong protection while maintaining ease of use.

Read on to learn four steps to modernize your business and set it up for future success so security remains tight without impacting growth.

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Mar 02

Why Fortinet for my MSSP?

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With hundreds of thousands of customer nodes under management, and billions of dollars of assets under their protection, the world’s top MSSPs hold their firewalls to extremely high standards for reliability, functionality, and flexibility.

Read on to learn why Fortinet stands above the crowd of security vendors when considering solutions to address their complex requirements.

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Mar 02

Top 5 Considerations when Selecting an Extended Detection and Response Solution

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Top 5 Considerations when Selecting an Extended Detection and Response Solution

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Many organizations are looking at security vendor consolidation to improve risk posture and security operations while reducing costs or staffing requirements. Extended detection and response (XDR) solutions are a great option to help achieve these goals.

Read on to learn the top 5 considerations when selecting an Extended Detection and Response (EDR) Solution.

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Mar 02

Mapping the Ransomware Landscape

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Recognizing the value of data, cyber criminals are increasingly turning to ransomware as a means of monetization. They infiltrate IT systems and access data through various hacks, encrypting, locking, and exfiltrating files.

Unable to access information that is critical to their businesses, hacked organizations are forced to pay for the information to be released by the cyber criminals.

Read on to learn how Fortinet can help you map through the ransomware landscape.

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Mar 02

Backup Vulnerability: 4 Targets Hackers Might Utilize to Infiltrate Your Backup Solution

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Organizations should follow several best practices to address backup vulnerability.

The Verizon 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report, which you can find here, reveals that when it comes to breaches and cyberattacks, there are differences between SMBs (less than 1,000 employees) and larger enterprises (greater than 1,000 employees). The most notable difference is that malware attacks are twice as likely for SMBs.

Managed service providers should be concerned about this statistic because, in many cases, MSPs are small businesses serving other small businesses. MSPs must communicate the value of backup and continuity while ensuring the right practices to protect their backups are in place.

Backups are often a company’s last line of defense. If ransomware infects a server, a backup solution holds the key to restoring critical data. However, not all backups are created equally. For example, restore times can vary widely depending on the solution you have in place. Even worse, hackers often target backups themselves. In this article, we’ll explore four ways hackers might try to infiltrate your backups and proven methods to help ensure your backups are safe and readily available for fast restores.

The Verizon 2020 DBIR report uses the VERIS Framework to categorize threats into a variety of buckets. For this article, we will focus on hacking, which, according to the report, occurred in 45% of incidents. Let’s dive into this specific risk, its associated backup vulnerability and how you can mitigate risk to your backups.

The Risk

With regards to backup, hackers are increasingly looking at vulnerabilities in the following places:

  • Backup software: Backup software solutions, by nature, require a high level of access. Hackers have been known to steal a backup administrator’s credentials as a backdoor to access systems and data.
  • Backup files: Backup files can be targets simply because backup file extensions—for example, BAK–are easy to find. Hackers may gain access to the backup software and either turn off or delete the backup files.
  • Remote access: Since many backup products must connect remotely to servers to back them up or to administer backups, password authentication can open up a path to attack protected systems simply because passwords are easy to steal.
  • Backup encryption: It isn’t uncommon for backups to be encrypted. However, if attackers gain access to this key, they can read the backup and/or change the key to make the data inaccessible.

Methods to Protect Backup Solutions from Cyberattacks

Given the importance of a solid backup and business continuity strategy, you should follow several best practices to ensure your backups are secure.

  • Use two-factor-authentication (2FA) to access your backup software admin portal.
  • If you utilize a backup appliance, ensure you cannot connect directly via a simple LAN connection.
  • For remote access, do not use passwords. Utilize key-based SSH authentication instead.
  • If you are using a different product to administer backups, such as an RMM tool, make sure it also has 2FA.
  • Ensure that you keep backup copies in a safe, secure location–preferably geographically separated from the primary data and backups.

When it comes to cyberattacks and security risks, the most common ways of compromising primary data also apply to backup data. Cunning attackers want to make sure companies cannot recover PC, servers or virtual machines, which is why backup solutions are now under attack.

Your backup files may be your absolute last line of defense, so how can you protect them? Datto Unified Continuity is a business continuity solution that spans the server to the desktop with the flexibility to backup locally, direct to the cloud or both. Learn about more ways your backup solution may be under attack and how Datto can protect your business and your clients in our eBook, Backup Under Attack: Protecting Your Last Line Of Defense.

Christopher Henderson is Director of Information Security, Datto.

This guest blog is part of a Channel Futures sponsorship.


Mar 02

AppGate Partners Gain New Accretive Rewards Program

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Participants in this new program will be eligible for a range of rewards.

AppGate partners now have access to the company’s new Sentinel channel program with three certification tiers.

The Sentinel program is a rewards-based educational program for individual solution architects and sales engineers. They can improve their technical skill sets and collaborate with a community of likeminded practitioners.

Participants in this new program will be eligible for a range of rewards. Those include gifts, certifications and professional recognition as they design and deploy zero-trust and software-defined perimeter (SDP)-based solutions.

Tina Gravel is AppGate‘s senior vice president of channels and alliances.

AppGate's Tina Gravel

AppGate’s Tina Gravel

“The program is an accretive rewards program that is takes the original channel program to the next level,” she said. “It was created to inspire others to learn about leading security concepts like zero trust and secure access service edge (SASE). It’s not surface training. And they can go as deep into the curriculum as they want to become a leader in their field and our industry.”

Certifications for AppGate Partners

Sentinel includes three certifications. They meet the requirements of technology practitioners and solution evangelists selling, building and deploying zero-trust access solutions.

“We reviewed the idea and concepts for months with analysts, partners and end-user customers,” Gravel said. “We kept getting a resounding ‘yes,’ and ‘when can we get access to this’ when we talked about it. So we knew we were onto something positive and substantive.”

As a Sentinel member attains a new certification level, they can receive and share recognition on the community leaderboard. AppGate partners whose employees achieve commander or guardian status will accrue additional benefits. Those include co-marketing and promotional support, invitations to the CEO council at the AppGate Partner Summit, access to future beta programs and many other benefits.

“We believe this program will give partners a competitive advantage,” Gravel said. “The idea is to arm our partners, just as we arm our direct sales force, with information to understand the essentials about zero trust and SASE. That knowledge should enable our partners to become an essential trusted adviser to their clients who are overwhelmed with noise in the crowded and competitive cybersecurity space.”

Security and Analytics

AppGate brings together a set of cloud-and hybrid-ready security and analytics products and services. These products secure more than 650 organizations across dozens of countries globally.

“We tried to make this program simple to take advantage of and easy to understand,” Gravel said. “COVID-19 has presented many challenges. And from a professional perspective, one of those things is networking and continued learning.”

Jo Peterson is Clarify360‘s vice president of cloud and security services.

“We are excited to be part of AppGate’s groundbreaking Sentinel program and know that it will provide us with the necessary tools and methodology we need to deliver secure access across any footprint,” she said.

Mar 02

Channel Partners Virtual 2021 Is Here — Take Advantage of the Amazing Content

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Some of the industry’s most compelling speakers are poised to take the virtual stage at this week’s event.

From what I hear day in and day out, the biggest debate in the industry is not over the pandemic’s lasting effects, cloud momentum or security breaches, but about whether everyone is suffering from virtual event fatigue — better known as Zoom burnout.

There may be some fatigue creeping into our daily lives spent on video conferences. But the Channel Partners Conference & Expo is testament to the fact that channel executives are showing no signs of slowing down the consumption of virtual event content. This group of executives from the telco and IT channels is hungry for content that will help them grow their businesses, identify new products and services, and learn from peers. The number of attendees signed up for this week’s event makes it one of the largest independent gatherings of channel partners to take place in the industry. The event brings together nearly 2,000 attendees to hear from 100 speakers, subject-matter experts and a large number of tech vendor sponsors. You can view the agenda here.

It is clearly evidence that Zoom fatigue takes a back seat to the desire for industry trends that could help channel organizations stay a step ahead of the competition. Of course, we do hear every day from our attendees and sponsors they are anxious to return to face-to-face events. But until that day comes, our community is eager to engage on digital platforms because of the quality and accessibility of the content presented in the Channel Partners Conference & Expo agenda.

The unique platform that brings together voices in the telco/cable/service provider channel with MSPs is a major attraction to leaders who want to understand the entire channel opportunity.

It’s not too late to register for Channel Partners Virtual, March 2-4!

There are so many great keynotes and breakout sessions that support the event’s theme of accelerating evolution that it’s hard to single out just a few. But let me share some highlights of our main keynotes to guide you through this gathering.

  • Like a skilled boxer knows, you have to come out swinging. That is exactly what happens at this event with a keynote from veteran channel executive Janet Schijns of JS Group, who will help attendees understand the opportunity around edge and 5G.
  • Schijns will turn the main stage over to our Channel Influencer of the Year, Jay McBain of Forrester, who will lead a panel discussion on how marketplaces are reshaping the way all channel partners and their customers source technology. In boxing parlance, that is a one-two punch to start the show.
  • Hearing the views of today’s channel leaders on growth opportunities is one of the main reasons senior channel leaders return to this event year after year. That’s why we are excited that on day one of our event, AT&T’s Chris Jones, who leads the Alliance Channel master agent organization, will provide his views on channel trends and how to leverage them. I don’t want to steal any of Jones’ thunder, so tune in to hear it for yourself.
  • On day two, T-Mobile’s new channel leader, Pat Watkins, will unveil her vision with a main stage keynote providing a glimpse into her strategy for growth. She is making her channel debut at this event as one of the industry’s most prominent leaders. Watkins was recently featured on our Channel Partners website in an exclusive interview featuring her thoughts on the outlook for the T-Mobile channel and the company’s leadership in 5G. This is an opportunity to hear from this next-generation channel leader.
  • The star-studded list of channel leaders also includes 8×8 SVP John DeLozier, who will help everyone understand the impact of remote work that is driving customer demand for an integrated communication stack. DeLozier will weigh in on the trend of moving business communications to the cloud, which represents one of the largest SaaS market opportunities for partners.
  • RingCentral’s Jeff Winnett believes there are only four things partners need answered in 2021 to unleash the greatest potential. Anytime you can hear from a leader who has boiled down the most pressing issues of the day to just four, it is worth tuning into.
  • Finally, the Channel Partners Conference & Expo offers everyone an opportunity to give back and do some good. We’re partnering with Telecom for Change to raise money for the World Central Kitchen, a leader in food relief and distribution. On the eve of the event, we had raised $15,000 through donations from Granite, the Informa Tech Channel group (Channel Partners/Channel Futures) and the efforts of Telecom for Change. If you would also like to support this effort to help feed families and those in need, visit Here’s where you can donate.

Back to my opening point. It all reminds me of the quote often attributed to Mark Twain about the weather. The quotes goes something like, when it comes to the weather, everyone is talking about it, but nobody is doing anything about it. Well, while everyone is talking about video conference fatigue, we are doing something about it with the content and engagement on our conference platform.

Bobby DeMarzo is the content lead for media and events at Channel Partners and Channel Futures.

Mar 02

Exertis Continues Calls for Diversity with LGBTQ+ Discussion

By | Managed Services News

Distributor Exertis discussed the benefits of an inclusive workplace as part of LGBTQ+ History Month.

Distributor Exertis is further expanding its efforts to support diversity with a webinar for employees supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

Exertis said it was committed to fostering “an inclusive and diverse culture, and an opportunity to celebrate previously marginalised voices.”

Natasha Devon

Natasha Devon

Last month the distributor announced changes to its recruitment and policies to attract more diverse talent.

Supporting the UK’s LGBTQ+ History Month, the webinar featured Natasha Devon MBE as guest speaker. The writer, activist and presenter spoke to Exertis employees about the benefits of creating an inclusive workplace. The discussion covered how unconscious bias can manifest itself in day to day interactions. It also provided education and “myth busting” surrounding the LGBTQ+ experience.

“Our LGBTQ webinar was a great success, sparking some interesting questions amongst our listeners,” said Jo Lawrence, HR director, Exertis.

“This event was a great reminder of the benefits of people being able to be their true selves and how important it is to have a sense of belonging at work. We are grateful to Natasha Devon for providing some practical suggestions around removing assumptions, neutralising language and fostering allyship.”

Exertis' Jo Lawrence

Exertis’ Jo Lawrence

“Having diverse teams attracts talent and helps us to be representative of the needs of our diverse customer base,” said Lawrence. “I care passionately about Exertis being a place where everyone can be their true self and where everyone feels valued, included and celebrated.”

Meantime, Exertis Cloud on Tuesday debuted its Smarter SaaS service in a partnership with The Business Software Centre (TBSC). It’s a software asset management tool, free to resellers who sign up for it this month.

Exertis says Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365 optimises M365 subscriptions. It automatically recommends ways to manage IT costs while finding the optimal Microsoft 365 subscriptions for each user.