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Oct 08

Lenovo Heralds Resurgence of PC Market

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Lenovo is working with partners to fulfill the demand created by COVID-19.

Rumours of the death of the PC market have been greatly exaggerated, according to the Lenovo EMEA channel chief.

In fact, Fiona O’Brien points to a resurgence in PC sales this year, with users transitioning to home working.

Lenovo's Fiona O'Brien

Lenovo’s Fiona O’Brien

“Industry analysts have been calling the death of the PC for as long as I’ve been in the PC business. But Lenovo passionately believes that our reading of the market is correct,” she said.

O’Brien’s comments follow Lenovo COO Gianfranco Lanci’s prediction this week of a nearly 300 million total PC market in 2021. That equates to additional growth of 20-30 million devices, he said.

Instead of a dying PC market, we are seeing the resurgence of it, said O’Brien.

“How it will be used may be different; how we deliver it and service those customers may change. But the fact is there is an inherent demand that needs to be fulfilled.”

The channel exec said Lenovo had an extremely strong first quarter, “despite the strange dynamics going on in the market.”

‘Pockets’ of Shortages

Nevertheless, O’Brien acknowledges that COVID-19 has created industry shortages, in the PC market especially.

“Demand escalation has occurred in pockets of the business that wouldn’t have been forecast to grow as quickly. So that has resulted in shortages … and we’re working to try and mitigate that with our business partner community. Distribution in particular plays a strong role in helping us mitigate the impacts. But there are pockets of the market that have some shortages that we have to work our way through.”

However, O’Brien also said that Lenovo has largely avoided the supply chain problems associated with a surge in customer demand. She said with 30 manufacturing sites around the world, Lenovo could “pivot very quickly through the crisis.”

She also revealed a new manufacturing plant opening in Hungary next week, to “help us better serve our European customers.”

Change in Partner Compensation

Irene Acedo-Rico, EMEA executive, is director of sales, Enterprise Business Group at Lenovo. She noted that both Lenovo’s PC and smart devices (PCSD) business and Data Center Group (DCG) are “channel-centric” organisations.

Lenovo's Irene Acedo-Rico

Lenovo’s Irene Acedo-Rico

“It’s not just channel-friendliness, it is centricity; the business partners are at the heart of our ecosystem.”

Neil Berville, executive director, sales channel management and alliances at Lenovo EMEA, signalled a forthcoming change in partner engagement.

“We’re recognising and rewarding more know-how and expertise,” he said. “On the PC side, we have now expert programmes around our workstation and smart collaboration products. These are where traditionally the rewards back were geared by just the size of the business. Now they are geared by partners bringing know-how, where there’s presales, the ability to demonstrate and build those solutions. Those capabilities bring more rewards.”

Acedo-Rico added that the data center side of the business was “investing heavily” in partner certifications.

“Last quarter we had 1,500 partners going through our certifications, in cloud, analytics, for sure technical sales and sales, and storage.”

Additionally, O’Brien said that following feedback from partners, the firm is trying to facilitate better partnering across the Lenovo stack. She said Lenovo wants to help partners develop end-to-end solutions across both PCSD and DCG.

“You will see that played out … where we enable and reward those partners who sell the full Lenovo portfolio,” she said. “That’s an important development that we will bring to market over the course of the next few weeks.”

Oct 08

Data Protection for Dummies

By | Managed Services News

Wouldn’t it be great to hold the ten keys to effective data protection? Well you can with Data Protection For Dummies eBook.

In this eBook, you will learn to choose exactly the data security measures your company needs, comply with latest data regulations (without tearing your hair out), make your company a non-target for cybercriminals, and minimize effects of any data breach or loss.

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Oct 08

Making Endpoint Security Easy for MSPs

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As security threats to customer endpoints proliferate and become more complex, many organizations are looking to
managed service providers (MSPs) for help. Customers’ manual processes are woefully inadequate; they need fast
onboarding, rapid detection and response, and a sophisticated security solution that can keep up with the evolving threat

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Oct 08

Service Providers: Here’s How to Conquer the Digital Gold Rush

By | Managed Services News

Learn how MSPs can deliver DaaS, file sharing and sync, mobile device security, and networking, to help customers achieve digital transformation goals.

Digital transformation pressures are creating a “cloud gold rush.” MSPs, Hosters, and Cloud Solution Providers are in prime position to stake their claim by helping customers solve critical business pains with cloud services. Become a Citrix Service Provider (CSP) partner today to capture your share of the exploding cloud market. You’ll mine riches for years to come.

Use Citrix to gain fast, easy access to solutions your customers need to grow. Onboard, scale, and diversify with ease! Grow faster with pay-as-you grow pricing while ending CapEx investments and data center hassles. Hosted service providers are 1.5X more profitable, have 1.8X more recurring revenue, and grow 2X faster than those not offering cloud hosting services. CSPs achieve margins of greater than 50 percent with Citrix-hosted solutions.

This quick Guide discusses benefits to a MSP of joining the CSP program and delivering all Citrix solutions via subscription based services. Including how to:

  • Offer complete hosted workspaces, with apps, desktops, mobility, file sharing, networking, and more
  •  Differentiate yourself in the market with advanced solutions and customizable offerings for market verticals
  • Drive value and reduce risk by scaling with best practices, reference architectures, and turn-key sales and marketing tools
  • Keep flexibility, by delivering services in the Citrix Cloud or on hybrid environments

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Oct 08

How to Win, Grow, and Maximize Profit as a Citrix Service Provider Partner

By | Managed Services News

Learn how to Grab Your Share of the Cloud Market – margins of 45% and more on business-ready, hosted workspace solutions that can boost average bill rate per user. Solve your customers business challenges, help firms enable BYOD, mobilize their workforces, drive productivity, and ensure business continuity. Customize use cases for industries with seasonal demand, such as education’s nine-month calendar, accounting’s tax season, and retail’s holiday focus. Channel partners have a major opportunity to support their customers’ cloud journey:

  • Speed wins: Citrix Cloud will help you scale your business without the cost or time delays you’d experience extending your on-premises operation.
  • Create your own unique opportunity: Workspace services, including Desktops as a Service (DaaS), secure Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS), and Networking as a Service (NaaS), are still in the early days of adoption. Capture your share.
  • Meet changing market needs: Citrix technology and services help you enable your customers’ mobile workforces, scale easily and securely with growth, and ease IT management.
  • Technical resources: Citrix has all the technical resources you need to deliver successful cloud services – deployment guides, reference architectures, training, and dedicated sales engineers.
  • Go-to-market assistance: Use our quick-start marketing and sales toolkits to accelerate your go-to-market and growth.

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Oct 08

FinTech Is the New Business Model: Opportunities for Citrix Partners

By | Managed Services News

How Citrix Cloud solves customer needs for new capabilities, and pay-as-you-grow pricing, and how vertical offerings create stickier implementations and higher profitability.

Traditional financial services firms are racing to develop a frictionless experience that streamlines business processes and delights customers. Competition is fierce – and global. FinTech has received $110 billion (B) USD in funding since 2009. Grab your share.  Successful mid-market companies must realize they cannot afford to build IT teams that provide the breadth of expertise required today. 1 in 2 midmarket firms are still in the beginning and intermediate stage of maturity, meaning CSPs have great opportunities for growth in this market.

Provide secure Citrix Workspaces that meet customer needs for collaboration, but help prevent unauthorized “shadow IT” file sharing, data leaks, and hacking worries such as ransomware. Citrix solutions meet SWIFT requirements to secure all financial applications and data. They provide a digital perimeter that is unified, contextual, and secure to realize cloud benefits while simplifying management and overcoming challenges with a people-centric approach to security.

This Quick Guide covers the opportunities and benefits of becoming a CSP and solutions for helping financial services companies fuel innovation with secure digital workspaces anywhere, on any device or operating system. Solution that empower staff to collaborate and share information securely and give your financial customers fast access to their workspaces, while protecting end-user privacy and meeting compliance obligations.

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Oct 08

Build the Digital Construction Boom: 3 Opportunities for Citrix Service Provider Partners

By | Managed Services News

New market opportunities as a Citrix CSP partner – offer the secure remote and mobile 3D document sharing services AEC need.

Architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) has been around for centuries. The Colosseum, Great Wall of China, and Taj Mahal are just a few ancient and intact architectural marvels. Not surprisingly, construction is among the least digitized of all industries.

There is a $1.6T opportunity to add value by increasing productivity in the industry. Digital technologies optimize AEC processes, staff productivity, and equipment utilization. Just five percent of project owners say they are “cutting-edge” in applying technology to their projects. Only one percent are using robotics-driven process automation across all of their projects.

This Quick Guide covers the benefits of becoming a Citrix Service Provider (CSP) partner and helping construction companies fuel innovation with the ability to access complex apps, such as BIM, on any device or operating system, at any job site, facility, or office.

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Oct 08

Seizing the Digital Future: A Service Provider’s Guide to Transforming Operations and Revolutionizing Business Outcomes

By | Managed Services News

Managed service providers (MSPs) play an essential role in digital transformation, offering midsize and enterprise clients the expertise to assess, plan, execute and maintain new technologies and services. But too many MSPs are failing to apply the same digital transformation principles and processes to their own operations, relying on legacy tools and complex technologies to deliver services instead of developing future-forward, end-to-end offerings that fully address client IT and business needs. In short, MSPs are denying themselves the benefits they are helping their clients achieve, like increased competitiveness and the agility to quickly adjust to changes in a dynamic marketplace.

The time is now for MSPs to reinvent their operations and outcomes. Download this whitepaper to discover how next-generation service delivery platform technology enables and accelerates your MSP’s digital transformation efforts, enabling you to achieve goals including:

  • Increasing profitability
  • Creating competitive differentiation
  • Speeding up time to market and revenue
  • Providing a consumer-like workflow experience

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Oct 08

Top Security Challenges for SMBs

By | Managed Services News

Amost 500 MSPs weighed in on the top security challenges for SMBs today. Almost 500 MSPs. From ransomware to crypto-malware and social engineering attacks, this guide contains useful advice on how you can address these issues.

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Oct 07

Microsoft 365 Lighthouse Signals Redmond’s Pending Big RMM Play

By | Managed Services News

The tool will provide multitenant RMM capability for Microsoft 365.

The new Microsoft 365 Lighthouse is a managed services delivery platform the company will preview to partners starting next year.

Microsoft revealed its planned IT service delivery offering during last month’s Ignite virtual conference for IT pros and developers. The company plans to release the first preview of Microsoft 365 Lighthouse early next year. It is primarily intended for MSPs who manage small and medium-size businesses that use Microsoft 365.

The interface provides a multitenant management control plane, letting MSPs remotely manage each customer’s Microsoft 365 instance. It is oriented toward MSPs that have many small and medium-size business customers. Microsoft 365 Lighthouse builds off last year’s introduction of Azure Lighthouse, which lets partners manage their customers’ Azure instances.

MSPs using Microsoft 365 Lighthouse will be able to provide standardized device monitoring, management and compliance for their SMB customers.

Microsoft's Vivek Kumar

Microsoft’s Vivek Kumar

“Microsoft 365 Lighthouse will help you reduce your operational overhead by enabling you to onboard, monitor and manage your Microsoft 365 customers from one place,” according to the announcement posted by Vivek Kumar, a Microsoft senior product marketing manager.

Kumar added that Microsoft 365 Lighthouse is “a new experience that makes it easier for IT partners to deliver managed services at scale to small and medium-sized customers. You will be able to drive higher levels of standardization, automation and auditing in how you work with customers.”

Managing Multiple Tenants

Microsoft 365 Lighthouse will allow MSP support engineers to review all of their SMB customers in one pane. The software builds on the functionality of Microsoft Intune and Windows Auto Pilot. It also includes threat management, allowing support engineers to monitor the status of Microsoft Defender AV across all Windows 10 clients under management. Furthermore, it automates user access management, providing a unified list of all users MSPs manage across their customer bases.

Kumar said this will make it easier to reset passwords, assign licenses and delegate access to mailboxes and OneDrive. Also, MSPs’ technicians can change group memberships without having to log in and log out of individual customer tenants. It will also provide alerts of violations or other threats detected.

Chris Boyd, a Microsoft program manager, said many MSPs lack tools to manage multitenant SMB environments.

“Through a number of conversations with our partner community, we’ve realized there’s an opportunity to really help their technicians in their day-to-day activities,” Boyd said during a Microsoft Ignite session. “These are the folks that are helping the SMBs work through issues like password resets or setting up a team site around a new big collaborative initiative. They’re doing this while also remotely monitoring and managing the health and security of all the devices and services across the SMBs that they take care of. We really feel there’s an opportunity to provide them a solution that works cross tenant to discover and resolve issues, and also help them …