Buyer’s Guide: Migration Made Simple

By | Managed Services News

Jul 30

When it comes to the common causes of downtime, disasters tend to get most of the attention. But disasters represent a small fraction of the events that cause downtime. Planned downtime creates a real drain on resources, and many tools and technologies designed purely for disaster recovery don’t help much in minimizing outages.

In fact, the complexity and disruption associated with migrating data lead some businesses to delay or forego IT upgrades. But delaying workload migrations also limits innovation and stagnates IT systems in a way that can leave businesses at a disadvantage. In order for businesses to take full advantage of the cost savings and efficiencies of virtual and cloud technologies, they need a proven process for moving workloads that minimizes the potential for data loss and downtime.

This guide outlines the key capabilities to look for when considering a data migration solution, and addresses the chief benefits of structured, repeatable migrations.

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